COSI and your SME

  • We relieve you of formalities related to staff management.

We handle the work benefits of your employees and are your interlocutor internally and externally.

We are the family doctor of your company for human resources.













When you throw a pebble in the water, it produces circular waves around its point of fall.

COSI share of its core business, a exactly pay slip and then offers its advice to align your HR business strategy.

It is our methodology of circular waves.











We develop tailored trainings in time management, leadership, appraisals, and sales techniques.


We maintain best practice training techniques and address the essentials.


At your request, a professional actor plays the role of the customer to enhance transfer of knowledge.












Social Secretary

Our services are complementary to those of your social secretary.

It is recommended that you work with a social secretary...But are you satisfied with the service? Are you paying the right price?

The social secretary has now become a “service provider”; calculation of payroll, legal advice, external service for prevention, medical checks, insurance compulsory law, selection/recruitment, kind allowances...

Do you pay for an all-inclusive service or do you have a rate with drawers? (base pay, breaking allowances, end-year premium, economic unemployment, DRS, e - gov...).

With our tool, COSI-SSA (COSI Social Secretary Audit), we compare apples with apples. We send a tender to different social secretaries and we support you in the final choice.

 Your advantage?

Independently, you choose the services that best fit your structure, at the best price.








Marc Coomans (Owner)

 After a Bachelors in social Sciences, Marc began his career in the non-profit sector, already the concept of service J

 After training in neuro linguistic programming and post-graduate studies in management and technical training post, Marc will host training sessions for among other things BECI, Belgacom, Esso Retail Benelux, and Johnson Matthey

 He became Recruiter for Karamba/Promo Sapiens sales promotion agency.

 After serving as HR Assistant at Agoria and post- graduate studies in HRM, he became HR Manager in food industries (bakeries and industrial pastries) and chemistry (trader).

HR Consultant for the Flying Team of a large social secretary for more than 6 years, he has in his portfolio many SMEs in the following Joint Committees: 100, 118.03, 200, 218, 302, 307,...

On request, others HR Consultants are joigning the team.