Transparency is a prerequisite for working together. We build a long-term relationship with our customers. Gradually, we are part of your furniture.

 It is by learning and reflecting together that we create a positive, serene social climate.

Our expertise with the various joint committees and our field experience allow us to provide you four star service****.

 Your advantage?

Rapid and sharp advice. Straight dialogue without waffling.







Rigor is an indispensable quality for not forgetting anything and ensuring a proper payroll sheet for your staff. Collect benefits, manage absences, follow and apply social legislation, all performed with complete and orderly records.

 Together, we put in place a work methodology so we do not forget anything and work in a systematic way.

 Your advantage?

A personnel administration that rolls, your staff feels empowered and concentrates on their work. You focus on your core business: grow your business.







In human resources, there is no room for improvisation.

Non-compliance with social legislation can have criminal and financially important consequences.

During each mission, we analyze your HR and isolate areas of risk.

We ensure your payroll and ensure to implement compliance for your salary administration.

We are your contact with the social secretary.

 Your advantage?

Unloaded from HR legislative worries, you focus on your core business and sleep on your two ears.








As a partner, we are the board advisors and listen carefully to your staff.

Having competent, satisfied and happy personnel is the best guarantee of continuity for your company.

 We develop with you the monitoring and evaluation of your staff throughout their career.

 We translate your values into observable and measurable behaviors.


Your advantage?

You can rely on a consultant "on the edge”.

Your company uses personalized and effective HR tools.